How do I ....

This site has been developed as a place for us to access explanations of ...
“HOW to do IT ...?”

We’re building up a collection of useful, practical (NOT TOO TECHY) explanations to help us work out how these tools can be easily used.
IN HERE you will find explanatory Videos to watch and Printouts to 'printout' .
(An idea is laminate them - punch a hole in a corner and attach them to a ring) so you can grab these easily and use them in class to remind yourself of the next EASY step. Also - involve your students ! Here is a great opportunity to produce authentic procedural writing - with an appreciative audience in mind.
HELP YOURSELF and add your OWN!
Donna J
PDF Printouts of Instructions below and also on side bar pages.
(all with Printscreens).

How to Upload Videos to Youtube

How to use Scribd

How to use Slideshare

How to use Slide

How to use Wordle

How to use Build your Wildself

How to mix photos in MS Paint

How to set up a drawing and writing space in MS Word & Powerpoint

How to use insert sounds into a powerpoint

How to use insert sounds into a powerpoint
How to compress a photo using picture manager (Georgia Yr 6)

How to use MS Paint to add pictures to a background image
How to use set up group tasks in your class wiki
How to download phot from a camera
How to use a Digiblue Movie Camera
How to insert images in MS Paint

Use Google docs
This site has shares a collection of online tutorial videos for software and web 2.0 tools that can be used in education. has brought together the most useful instructional videos on how to use popular software programs and Web 2.0 tools. You can search the software categories and view the embedded media. There are also options to browse other related videos that are most popular in the same category. See embedded page on the left-hand side.

What are they, and how do they work, and why would I use these ? We need rubrics and examples of sound use in classroom practice .