How to use the "Track Changes" option in the REVIEW Tab (in MS Word – 2007/8).

This is really useful. For the first time students can actually feel positive about the editing phase as they gain credit for what they do and require no laborious re-writing after editing.

Useful also for showing progress to parents (national standards reporting). It allows students to edit and track their changes so you can both see their writing and editing process. The teacher’s suggestions can be added as balloon comments so they appear different to the student’s editing. Save a copy as "title_draft" before highlighting and accepting the changes, then save a copy as "title_published". In this way you can show the writing, editing, conferencing and published stages. The work can also be printed out with the editing changes visible and again as a final copy for publishing. Excellent way to model the editing process (thru the data projector) as a whole class lesson, or drag your laptop to the mat to address an identified group need.

"The dog walked to the road."

(Teacher prompts -What kind of dog? What kind of road?(Adjectives) How exactly did the dog get to the road? (Verb & Adverb) How did he look as he moved? (Simile) What did he do when he got there?(Verb).


You can now set specific criteria for the editing phase e.g. check spelling and punctuation, insert x number of adjectives and adverbs, change some of the verbs to give more impact, activate nouns by attaching more specific verbs, add similes, check sequencing and drag and drop sections as required etc.


(For Mac Word users you may need to look in the "View" menu - toolbars - reviewing to find the toolbar for this purpose. Mac Pages users will find the same facility in the Inspector.)

Watch the short video clip to see how it’s done.